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Cannabis vapes laced with ‘zombie’ drug Spice put children’s lives at risk

Children’s lives are being put at risk by a dangerous new trend for inhaling illegal cannabis vapes, many laced with the “zombie” drug Spice. Pupils have collapsed in schools and been taken to hospital after using the vapes, which can be bought online for just £15. Many are unaware the vaping fluids they have bought also contain toxic chemicals and Spice. Young people are attracted to vaping drugs partly because the e-cigarettes are small, almost odourless and easily hidden.

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It’s like two different people going through a battle you can’t see

It’s been a year now since Paul last took drugs and it’s like I’ve got my big brother back. Despite being the oldest sibling he has a kind of innocence about him. A big kid. He’s present again, he also looks amazing. My cousin asked him to be godfather to their baby and at the christening people were commenting on how well he looked. He’s got these really blue eyes and they’re sparkling again.

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Review: OVO at the Royal Albert Hall

Canadian troupe Cirque du Soleil have long been synonymous with magnificent, gravity defying feats and now their hit show OVO has finally come to London. Playing at the Royal Albert Hall until 4 March, OVO is the story – in the loosest sense of the term – of a community of colourful insects and the egg which they discover. It’s an insight into a hidden world where the forces of life and love are on display in their simultaneously miniscule and all-encompassing glory.